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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Latinos: Councilman's online remarks "bigoted"

FREEHOLD -- A borough councilman's comments that some segments of the Hispanic population are promiscuous and expect society "to subsidize their mistakes" have outraged some civil rights groups, who are calling for him to apologize and resign. Councilman Marc Le-Vine posted the comments on a Web site run by a group called PEOPLE, an acronym for Pressing Elected Officials to Preserve our Living Environment. The group was formed by several Freehold residents in September 2003 as tensions mounted over the growing immigrant population and the day laborers' muster zone.
Perhaps if he mentioned the free constitutionally protected "sugary ponies" it would have been okay?

Well, that and the obvious mistake of not referring to them as "the bestest peeps in the whole wide world!" Rookie mistake.

Proud member of 'La Raza' sez: I can't be racist, I'm brown stupid!

H/T immigration news daily

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