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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Asking The Dumb Question...

Source: dailytexanonline

This quote comes from an article written by a rather confused idiot...
Demonstrators oppose anti-immigration bills with downtown rally

Before marching the downtown streets Tuesday, hundreds gathered on the south steps of the Capitol to voice their support for immigrant rights and oppose state immigration legislation.
Okay, let's peer further down into this morass of nonsense, shall we?
'I am a son of immigrants,' Menendez said. 'That's why we have to stop the hypocrisy of this country that says, 'We want you to come and work cheaply, but we don't want to give you any rights.''
What rights?
Maria Aguilar, a history sophomore who participated in the rally and march, said laws should not strip immigrants of these rights. Aguilar said she has undocumented friends, and that many immigrants contribute to the country when they pay taxes.
I repeat, what rights? Let's dispense with the nonsense first thing, there is nothing "immigrant" about an illegal invader, nothing. To use the word does a disservice to those who come legally and betrays the simple, clear and direct meaning of that word. Or are we now allowed to simply take any word and make up meanings for them willy-nilly?

Now, as to "Stripping 'immigrants' of rights?" What rights? Is it a 'right' to come here illegally? Is it a 'right' to feed parasitically on the American people by using tax supported benefits intended for citizens? Is it a 'right' of 'immigrants' to not be deported after committing multiple crimes?

The mind boggles!

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