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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Calling All Bloggers!

ALIPAC and FAIR need you to join us in DC and help blog this current amnesty out of existence!

Where: Washington DC

When: April 22-26

What: Hold Their Feet To The Fire,

More what: A historic coalition of organizations plan to converge on Washington, DC on April 22-26 to carry the message from the American public to lawmakers that America needs comprehensive immigration enforcement and not amnesty to deal with illegal immigration.

ALIPAC has launched a website at dubbed 'Amnesty Alamo', which will help promote events and attendance for these historic events and to enhance the efforts already in place by radio show host Rodger Hedgecock, Federation of Americans for Immigration Reform (FAIR), DA King of the Dustin Inman Society, and the angry truckers called 'Hold Their Feet to The Fire'.

"We are planning a historic effort in Washington to stop this Scamnesty," says William Gheen of ALIPAC. "This legislation reflects a radical Open Borders agenda that must be stopped because a majority of Americans oppose it. We need enforcement of our existing immigration laws, not legislation that radically suspends our existing laws, as the Flake Gutierrez legislation does. This is not just amnesty legislation. This legislation will end America as we know it."

Quid Pro Quo: So what's in it for you? So glad you asked -- Quite a bit actually. You will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with some of the biggest names in the anti-illegal immigration movement. You will have the opportunity (depending on your pluck and nerve) to interview movers and shakers about the upcoming amnesty. You will be a credentialed blogger at the event with full access to everything that's going on, and there's a lot going on also, you will have a chance to meet other anti-illegal immigration bloggers, folks from SOS, ALIPAC, FAIR, and tip a flagon or two, not to mention the hatching of nefarious schemes!

And as an extra added one time bonus your blog will receive front page linkage from ALIPAC, which could mean thousands of hits and new readers of your turgid scribblings!

How can I afford this? If you're like us you probably can't! But Bill Gheen promised me on the phone this morning that he would provide a link from ALIPAC to any blogger who committed to go and needed to hold a fundraiser! You can't beat that! (if you don't have a 'tip jar' set up on your site check out our new one at our almost ready to go new blog, about halfway down the left hand sidebar, if you ask nicely MJ will tell you how to set one up that's almost as cool!)

Also, you don't have to attend for the whole time, but we hope to have tenish bloggers at all times.

If you blog and were planning to attend anyway why not get credentialed and every damn thing?

If you have any questions or comments email me at I am serving as the unofficial ambassador to the blog world. It would be official except I don't enjoy herding cats all that much!

I hope to see you there!

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