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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Countdown To DC!

In just two days MJ and I will be hopping a jet to our nations capital. On Sunday we will join with hundreds/thousands of our fellow Americans to say "Hell No!" to the current amnesty debacle at the Hold Their Feet To The Fire rally sponsored by the Dusty Inman Society and a whole host of other organizations like ALIPAC, FAIR and many, many more.

Then, starting on Monday and lasting through Wednesday we along with several other bloggers, radio hosts and some big names in the anti-illegal immigration movement will be lobbying congress in an attempt to stop this amnesty.

Here is the roll call of fellow bloggers...

Diggers Realm Blog

Stop The Invasion

Tony Dolz Blog

Chapel Hill Blog

ALIPAC (not really bloggers but we love them anyway!)

Save Our State Blog (not really bloggers but we love them anyway!)

You can find a list of the participating radio

This just in from Dusty Inman's joint. Keep it under your hat, but this is good news! (let's just say it involves some of that stinky -- dirty hippie action! And if we're very, very good maybe a little of this...

A boy can hope anyway!

We will have lot of daily updates from DC with pictures and videos all over the place!

And if you suddenly find yourself with hot -- sweaty handfuls of greenbacks you know where the tip jar is located.

If you're going let us know so we can meet up in our nations capital!

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