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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Jobs Americans Won't Do?

Source: 11 eyewitnessnews

Video here.
RALEIGH) - A man who stood with his back to the Eyewitness News camera because he is afraid to show his face or reveal his name, is originally from Mexico City and now a very successful building contractor who lives in the Triangle.

He is also an illegal immigrant filing a federal income tax return, and in 2006, he made more than $577,000.

Through an interpreter he said, “I’ve been long enough in the country, and I know I have to do the right thing. And I know paying taxes is the right thing.”

His wealth may be an exception, but the tax return filed by an illegal immigrant is not.

Across the Triangle and across the nation, undocumented workers are flooding a handful of income tax offices which cater to immigrants.

“Over the past three years, what I have seen is every year there is an increase,” said Blaire Borthayre, tax service consultant.

According to Borthayre more and more illegal immigrants are filing tax returns on the hope of gaining legal residency. Immigration bills now pending in congress would legalize undocumented workers if they can prove a history of tax payment.

Tax preparers say many immigrants are filing returns for multiple years, and they have cash for Uncle Sam.

“The most I’ve seen is $14K and that was in a suitcase this past year,” Borthayre said.

It all must sound puzzling to some but many immigrants are filing returns not with social security numbers but with tax payer ID numbers. The numbers are legally obtained and issued by the government.”

Tax preparers echo a policy of the IRS.

“We don’t care if you are legal or illegal, we just want your money,” Borthayre said. “We want you to pay your taxes.”

The anonymous building contractor among many others is willing to comply.
How many further laws did this individual break amassing that money? How many corners were cut in the building process and what recourse will those he served have if they have problems in the future? The list of questions is endless, and pointless.

This story makes my head want to pop off. When you allow rampant lawlessness you empower only the lawless. Decent hardworking folk trying to follow the rules are the ones hurt by this. Goddamn you Mr. President, goddamn you to hell!

H/T immigration watchdog

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