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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Viva Mexico!

I was recently reading On the Line: Inside the Border Patrol by Erich Kraus. Good book -- I highly recommend it if you have any interest in border patrol issues. Buried in this missive is this little detail:There have been 118 armed incursions into the United States by the Mexican military!

Holy Jesus! And, yes, I pronounced it Hay-Zeus!

What’s that, you say you’ve never heard of this fact? Well, neither had I. Hmm. I wonder why our faithful national media might have overlooked these stories. It’s almost as if they’re pushing an agenda or something.Nah, too crazy, right? I mean, Mexico is our friend, right?

My wife and I had the opportunity to live on the border for a little while. We worked on a guest ranch 200 feet from Mexico. On occasion we would help look for the horses grazing outside the corral. Opening the heavy wooden gate we would step out into the sage brush, and every morning was the same. A multitude of footprints filled the sandy soil all heading north. It looked like a concert had let out. When we asked about safety and the location of firearms, they just laughed at us as if we were crazy.We were there during the ‘monsoon’ season. Every day around 2p.m. there would be a raging storm that would flatten out the footprints. So every time we went out we were seeing fresh footprints.

Working as chefs we’ve moved around quite a bit. We are currently living in Chicago. Chicago is estimated to have 290,000 illegal immigrants, the bulk of them Hispanic. I started working in restaurants when I was eleven. When I was a kid you could earn a living working in a restaurant. I knew guys who were putting their kids through college working the line at Denny’s.

These are the jobs that Americans allegedly won’t do. And yet they used to, I used to, and I earned a decent wage. So what happened?We were sold out. Told that we needed these illegal aliens to strengthen our economy.

Allow me to respond with a pithy blue-collarism: BULLSHIT! I made essentially the same money in the mid-eighties as I do now. Would some egghead economist care to explain this to me? Let me take a guess. Hmmm. I don’t know -- how about cheap illegal labor has suppressed wages. Nahh. Too simple, right?

Estimates say there are 290, 000 less jobs available in Chicago, 350,000 less jobs in Florida, 540,000 less jobs in New York, 700,000 less jobs in Texas, 2,000,000 less jobs in Caifornia! Because those are the estimated numbers of illegals in each of those cities. See here for more detail-

Because, you see, it’s the right of every American business to have virtual slave labor, right? Isn’t that in the constitution somewhere? NO? Maybe I’m thinking of the Bill of Rights. And these cheap bastards tell us we’re unpatriotic if we don’t support their right to not hire Americans.

And yet barely a peep from the exempt media. No, Mexico is our good friend. Our ally, 118 Armed incursions onto American soil.

Uh-huh. Mexico is a corrupt kleptocracy completely incapable and most importantly, unwilling to police its border or control its out-of-control crime rate. It is run by criminals and incompetents who see us as too stupid and craven to control our own borders and even our country.

And maybe their right.

Drugs and criminals roam freely over the border. Gangs have made it impossible to control crime because they can do whatever they want and then run over the border where Mexico will hide them because they don’t support the death penalty!

Yeah, criminals never do (see lawyers and Democrats)! Hmmm. I wonder why Scott Peterson was headed south when he was apprehended. Though I must say, those streaky highlights were simply divine!

Our government seems to have staked out an interesting position in all this. Protect the Mexicans over Americans. WTF! How is it our government has so consistently taken a position guaranteed to hurt hard-working Americans? How is it our government has preferred illegal aliens to their constituents? I don’t understand it.

But I’ll say this: we can either fix it now, or I suspect we’ll have a shooting war inside our borders within the decade. Groups like Aztlan aren’t happy with merely over-running and out-reproducing us. No, they want the greedy gringo dead. Yep, D-E-D dead. They would like us to relinquish about a quarter of our landmass to their greedy little hands because they claim we stole it.

We are told that it would be too expensive to fix this problem. But what the hell is the cost of not fixing it? How do you calculate that Mr. Number-Cruncher man?

By their vary nature illegal aliens are here illegally. They are criminals from the word go, yet some are extra ambitious and decide to keep on going and add murder, rape, theft and child molestation to the list. That’s hard-working indeed. Whew…I need a Cerveza!

Mexico teaches their people how to sneak over the border because these self same criminals then support their families back home (because you see America is not their home) with dollars stolen from American workers. Yep, stolen, because dollar one is earned illegally, and a lot of that money goes directly into the Mexican economy. So, of course you see why that’s such a big help to the American economy. They have no right to it, what they have a right to is getting their asses kicked out whenever and wherever they are caught.

No that’s not entirely accurate. They also have a right to be kicked out swiftly and surely never to return.

Thank God for cities like Chicago, LA and Houston, who’ve taken the lunatic stance that we must welcome criminal aliens by being sanctuary cities. Thank God that when illegals and terrorists arrive in these metropolitan areas they are free as birds.

Let me sum it up. I could give a rat’s furry patoot if illegals are comfortable as they await deportation. We don’t need to spend millions of dollars on shiny new prisons and detention facilities. Nope, all we need are some army surplus tents in the desert. It didn’t kill ’em to cross the desert. Now they can live in it until they are either allowed in or booted out.

We need to stop acting as if it is anybody’s right to live here. Here’s a clue: it isn’t.

While I am an enormous supporter of LEGAL immigration, I have nothing but hatred for those who come here illegally and abuse our system. I am sick to death of the sob sister chorus that goes like this: “but they’re just hard working people looking for…”

I. Don’t. Care.

This is a sovereign country the last time I checked, and we have the right to admit or not admit whomever we wish. Even if it makes them cry.

Terrorists are on record wanting to set off a nuclear device in my fair city. If they succeed, as far as I’m concerned, it will be open season on anyone here illegally. Don’t like it.

Get out.



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