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Sunday, November 20, 2005

This Is War!

I received an email yesterday from Mr. Right detailing how some dirbag hackers have attacked 'Grey Eagle's' site. Grey Eagle's site honors fallen soldiers.

I put out a blog calling for action.

I then linked it up trying to generate some interest in this idea and received this comment from 'Random Numbers'--

Random Numbers said...
You don't respond to a felony by committing one. If you've ever watched a hockey game, you will notice that the retaliation gets the penalty. This is just what those leftards want. THEY WANT TO BE VICTIMS!They want to be able to show how horridly they are being abused by the mean ol' Rethuglicans and the MSM will report the retaliation, not the initial cheap shot.A better way to respond is to re-engage with support for those with whom you agree and to respond to any accusations of "dissent crushing" with a link to Grey Eagle's or the Right Place's post.

Normally I would agree with Random Numbers a 110%, but not today. If these dirtbags had taken down my site or most anybody else's site I would agree.

But, are Ghandian tactics the right response in this situation. Remember, these are the folks who allege to support our troops. I call bullshit on this.

We cannot refuse to act based on the mental deficiencies of our foes here. Yes, they seek to be perceived as victims, though they are the ones acting out and causing damage. So we shouldn't respond because they are unbalanced?

Come on! This is war. I redouble my call. And as far as the law goes, let the law seek those who have caused this damage and I'll rescind my call. Until then...

Go get'em boys and girls.



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