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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mexico: Wah-Wah-Wah

Oh No! Mexico is unhappy.

I'm crushed really.

In this AP article we learn that...

Fox has failed to persuade the United States to overhaul immigration legislation to allow millions more Mexicans to work there legally.

OH DAMN, how unfair!

Mexico bristled early this year at criticism from the State Department that it is failing to contain a drug feud that has killed 1,000 people in northern and western Mexico this year.

Those who are full of crap tend to bristle when faced with a little truth. Just studying this sentence we learn that...1000 PEOPLE HAVE DIED! Yeah, we should be congratulating these radical asshats, clearly their employing the new French definition of success (anything under 200 cars burnt per night=success).

The Bush administration's main concern in dealing with Mexico is a border free from terrorists and drug smugglers, said Carlos Jimenez, a senior opposition member of the Mexican lower house's foreign relations committee.

"At the end of the day, what the United States is interested in
is security. The issue of its own security, a safe border," he said.

We really are some selfish bastards! I mean really, how dare we put our safety above the safety and convenience of potential ILLEGAL aliens.

Money sent home from Mexican workers abroad is set to reach
a record $20 billion this year, making it Mexico's second-largest source of
foreign revenue after oil exports.

Finally we come to the que bono, who benefits, if your up on your Miss Marple. I'm so glad that their motives are pure and unstained by filthy lucre.

Let's review for a moment why Mexico is not our friend, shall we?

Mexico refuses to extradite criminals that might face the death penalty or life in prison. To put this more simply, why do you think Scott Peterson was driving South with those divine streaky highlights? He just couldn't get a quality burrito in California? Vincente Fox has honored killers of American cops as 'Heroes". In fact, most uncaptured Mexican cop killers are chilling right over the border. I know my gut reaction to that. No soup for you!

Mexico encourages and aids ILLEGAL immigration as a means of not addressing their own fundamental failures as a government. Unfortunately, our government has made carrying our parasitic Southern neighbor a solid chunk of our policy toward these pirates. How long do you think Mexico's corrupt joke of a government would last without the relief valve of America lying directly Norte?

Mexico's police and army are owned and controlled by the drug cartels. In fact, our border patrol and local police agencies have been confronted over a hundred times by elements of these groups on our side of the border. Oddly, our media has not been all over this.

I could go on all day in this vein but I think these three issues are more than enough to make me say...May we have a wall please?

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