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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dick Cheney: He's So Dreamy!

This just in: The Tehran Times, bringing us the goodness --

Cheney and the 40 thieves plotting coup in Iraq
The $ Graf --

Therefore, it is quite certain that the U.S. vice president had taken the preparatory measures in Baghdad to stage a coup with the help of former Baath leaders, some members of Iraq’s minority communities, and Allawi. The U.S. wants to stage a coup before withdrawing from Iraq in order to establish a secular government with Arab nationalist tendencies led by Allawi that would oppose the Islamic Republic of Iran.
All I can say is...It's about damn time!

Go get'em Mr. Vice President!

Do you still think all he's good for is casting the tie-breaker vote, Punk?

h/t Marathon Pundit delivering the juiciness!

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