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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Employers Xmas list: Slaves

Federal crackdown on illegal workers could cripple building, farming industries

"They never ask us for papers, in any job," said Ramiro, who asked to be identified by his first name only because of his illegal status. "Even if you give them a false document, they put you to work."

Conservative legislators are seeking to address this legal blind spot with tough new sanctions on employers who hire undocumented workers. But labor and industry groups worry that an undisciplined crackdown could jeopardize key sectors that depend on the immigrant work force.
Undisciplined? Allright...

Flying low, and largely uncomplaining, about 8 million illegal immigrants currently work in the United States under employers who either neglect to verify their workers' immigration status or unquestioningly accept false documents. While the congressional debate focuses mainly on the Southwest, the impact of reform would be significant in Florida, home to an estimated 850,000 illegal immigrants, the third-largest number behind California and New York.

Let me explain to you what this cappucino breathed weasel of a journalist won't or can't. The reason they are uncomplaining is that they are for all practical purposes, slaves. They have no redress in the workplace because they are illegal, why do you think employers like them so much. It ain't altruism folks. It's flat out nasty avarice and it needs to stop.

While exact numbers are impossible to come by, Kates estimated up to 90 percent of the farm workers in some parts of Florida are here illegally, and he warned that prices would surge on everything from tomatoes to grapefruit to celery stalks if employers were cut off from that labor pool.

Are you scared? you're supposed to be. That's the whole point of this article, which if subtitled properly would be..."OH MY GOD! WITHOUT ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS LIFE AS WE KNOW IT WILL COME GRINDING TO A HALT!"

But you know what? It ain't true, not even close. When you picture these farms in your mind what do you see? Rustic fields, birds twittering on tree branches, Ma back in the farmhouse rustling up some grub while Pa tills the land?

Yeah right! This is big agri-business folks and they are large soulless corporations that are more than happy to have illegal aliens working for them. Illegal means never having to pay workman's comp., overtime, hospital bills, insurance, raises...

"We think a lot of workers, including U.S. citizens, would lose their jobs, and that this would really disrupt the workplace," said Michelle Waslin, a spokeswoman for the National Council of La Raza civil rights group, which lobbied against the bill. "Employers would be fearful of hiring anyone who looks or sounds foreign."
La Raza, I'm sure you recall their motto, right?

Por La Raza Todo, Por la otros Nada

Ring a bell? Allow me to translate

For our race everything, for everybody else nothing

You may possibly note it's in Spanish?

I think we're done here

Outside the agriculture sector, experts said, landscaping contractors, nurseries and restaurants could be hit with higher labor costs as they compete for a smaller group of potential employees. Representatives of the construction industry said they were already facing labor shortages after Florida was battered by several home-wrecking hurricanes this season, and fluctuations in the work force could easily push construction costs higher. That, in turn, could translate into higher prices for homes.

So let's cut through the layers of crap here, shall we?

These folks want slaves, they really, really do. Should they be allowed to have them? Is that your vision for America?

My take is this, if you can't operate your business without illegal slave labor perhaps there is something wrong with your business model. If the price of a flourishing economy is slave labor we can take the hit, I guarantee it.

Greg Schell, managing attorney for the Migrant Farmworker Justice Project in Lake Worth, said regardless of what happens in coming weeks and months, employer sanctions signal an important shift in sentiment toward enforcement-heavy policies."This is not a good time to be an immigrant," he said. But, he added, "This is disastrous for employers. If the engine is deprived of fuel, the car grinds to a halt."
Okay class, can you tell me what everyday word our high priced weasely lawyer neglected in the tripe above?

You can do it Bobby Bouschett(sp?)


Funny isn't it, it just seems to disappear when supporters of slavery open their gaping lie holes.

So let's parse this garbage. If I understand weasel man correctly illegal immigrants are the fuel of our economy. People who have no legal recourse in the system, who can be discarded at the slightest whim if hurt or disabled are the fuel of our economy.

Well, I'm no genius but illegals seem more like the sugar in the gas tank to me. Let us recount for the umpty billionth time exactly what these folk actually do to our economy. They drive wages down which is of course good for workers. They tend to degrade working conditions and as we all know one of the more common complaints most American workers utter is "Man it's just too safe up in this beyatch!"

No, illegals benefit precisely one class, the moneyed class, who, by the by, dig the slaves. In fact feel entitled to have minions serving them in the lavish style to which they have become accustomed.

They make me sick.

This Cappucino sipping, biscotti munching crowd will express their appreciation for the baby Jesus by hoping desperately to find an unlimited supply of cheap slave labor under their Christmas trees. Like leeches they hope to continue draining away the goodness of American life into their off-shore accounts and wave thin Niles Crain hands in airy dismissal when average Americans ask where the jobs and wages went.

Remember this. They have money and the power it buys, the power to cloud minds with catchy advertising and high priced Cappucino breathed lawyers who distort anything they touch.

We have the power of numbers and votes. Make sure your congresscritter and the President understand that this ain't right.

If you are still with me I have one question for you as we head into this holiday season. Which part of slavery do you approve of? Which part of slavery will you defend?

Here's hoping the Cappucino breathed each receive a lump of coal!

h/t Lonewacko

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