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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Wall Of Respect

Go check this out, this is an important way to show our respect and appreciation for those the families of those who have given all in our common defense--
This site was inspired and created by the Departments of the Veterans of Foreign Wars in support of the Veterans and Bikers who have started to maintain a vigil of human decency and dignity in an effort to protect the privacy of our military Families as they attempt to place our heroes to rest in peace.This site is not against free speech. It is for the right to mourn and bury our loved ones peacefully or privately. This is a right that should be assured to all families, especially to our Military Families out of respect for the sacrifices they've made.If you feel the same way, we invite you to become a brick in the "Wall of Respect" and assist us as we look to build a State Legislative wall between free speech and the right to privacy as it relates to all funerals. Indiana and Oklahoma are exploring the possibilities now and we encourage all states to consider the same.
This is of course in response to flying dirtbags like fred Phelps and other oxygen wasters of his ilk. I'm joining the second the info is up.

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