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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Courting Obsolence

In the absence of justice, what is sovereignty but organized robbery?
Saint Augustine
Sometimes things get out of whack. The center doesn't hold, problems are allowed to accrue until desperate action is required to fix what should have been a simple solution.

Illegal immigration is one of these things.

But a curious thing happened along the way, our government made itself obsolent. Average Americans, looking on at the chaos and lawlessness at the border said "enough," while the government tried like all hell to misdirect our attention. Average Americans saw the chaos in our cities caused by unrestrained illegal immigration and raised a hue and cry, while the government, in a fit of weakness, explained it would be too 'expensive' to enforce the law.

The danger we face right now is both simple and complex. Simple in that all the majority of American people are asking for is that the laws on the books be enforced. Complex in that our government is flat out refusing to honor the will of the people.

I obviously follow this issue very closely, I visit several immigration blogs and news sites every day. While on those sites I always make a point of reading the comments that people leave. As with any blog you have the usual assortment of loons and malcontents that one must dismiss immediately.

No, Mr. Wierdo, the government isn't intercepting your communications. They could frankly give a rat's ass what you think, they don't pay attention to you in the first place, why would they bother to tap your phone?

But mixed in the wackiness are more thoughtful comments left by people just like you and me. Normal folks, who feel our government has abandoned it's role of enforcing the law in favor of money and votes. Big business has millions of dollars tied up in Mexico, it's in their, not our, interests that we have peaceful relations with Mexico. Politicians also have a nasty habit of forgetting who brung'em to the dance. Throwing American citizens over for the votes of illegal immigrants seems short sighted to me. But since a whopping twenty five percent of the American people approve of the President's stance on immigration issues, I'm probably just being alarmist (note to Mr. Rove).

This is where the Minuteman Project comes into play. The Minuteman Project was a media stunt, and as such it was brilliantly conceived. Like any media stunt the object was to garner attention to an important issue that's being ignored. Since the inception of the Minuteman Project attention to border issues is soaring. While the government on the other hand has been scrambling to keep illegals in the country, either through an amnesty program of whatever name, though the American people have screamed a resounding no, or simply ignoring the problem and hoping against hope people go back to sleep.

So here's my question. Since the president has made it abundantly clear he will not enact the will of the people, and congress just elected a friend to big business and illegals as majority leader, what happens next?

Oh, there will be a big show on Capital Hill, have no doubt. Money and laws will flow like water, tough talk will be the order of the say, at least before the next elections and then nothing will happen as nothing has happened to control our border since nine eleven.

So I ask again, what happens next?

I think we need to consider seriously taking this issue away from the government. They have shown themselves incapable of acting like responsible adults when the chips are down. Big business complains that they might have to pay a living wage to Americans and Congress can't throw open the door wide enough to handle the flood of wage deflating legal and illegal immigrants who flood into this country.

The Minuteman Project was never intended to seriously secure the border, only point out for the cameras that the border was wide open. I think it may be time to take the next step. Institute a Minuteman type organization for real.

I envision a group of veterans and ex-cops patrolling the border. They will be armed, and will need to be as the Mexican Military will most likely be shooting at them along with the drug cartels. The individuals will be deputized and capable of handling things at the border.

We will explain to Mexico that if a person from any region in the world traverses their country to gain entry to the United States they (Mexico) will receive them back when that individual is apprehended and deported. Their current policy only allows for Mexicans to be deported to Mexico even though thousands upon thousands of people from every country in the world use Mexico as a staging point for their assault on America.

Also, tent cities should spring up across the border states to hold the flood of illegals who are currently pouring over our porous border. This is an inexpensive option and makes a lot more sense than building billion dollar buildings for a problem we intend to solve.

As we spend billions of dollars in Iraq to stabilize and secure that country our border hangs open like a dog's mouth on a hot summer day. I don't mind a bit the money we spend in Iraq, in fact I think it's a noble cause. However, I cannot countenance spending another nickle until we have security here at home. It's absurd to say we will pay any price to guard the border of Afghanistan, but we can't afford to actually hire more Border Patrol and equip them properly. Even more absurd to pretend the problem doesn't exist and play kissy-face with Mexico for trade reasons. Whether you see it yet or not, that relationship is unraveling right before our eyes.

It is especially egregious to me that we are asking our Border Patrol agents to stand fast against the Mexican military. Whenever cops face off with military forces they lose. So why are we asking them to risk their lives in a losing battle? We need some sort of force on the border that can deal with both the Mexican military and those para-military forces employed by the cartels.

I always remember that this country was built by proud Americans from many lands, and can be rebuilt by the same. Our government is in danger of rendering itself superflous to it's citizen's needs and protection.

They are courting obsolence and that's a damn shame!

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