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Sunday, February 05, 2006

It's Not Nice...

To piss off bloggers...

In reading around the blogosphere today I've come cross several arguments suggesting that the printing of the Danish cartoons was a foolish mistake and will set us back in the GWOT.

I just want to remind folks why and where this all started. The original reason the cartoons were commissioned was that the author of a children's book couldn't find one artist who would produce the pictures. Every artist contacted was concerned, and rightly so, they would be murdered by a Muslim if they drew the cartoons.

The newspaper heard of this and asked the one salient question that I would ask in this situation. Do we have free speech or no, so they decided to test that question. They knew Muslims would be upset, several people in that region have already been murdered by offended Muslims.

So they produced the cartoons and the Muslim world erupted in a fit of silly.

If we back away now we will be conceding our freedoms to the Islamofascists, and that IS the result they're looking for. I for one will not live under Sharia law, if that position offends a Muslim, well, it appears I have a big fat ass they can kiss.

This is a truly dangerous slippery slope, and we stand on the edge of it. Our choices are simple, we can hold on to our rights, or, offend the baby with the gun. Because what Islam is asking of us now is that we live by their rules. Holding onto our rights may entail an escalation of violence, it will most likely be difficult and dangerous. Islamofascists seek to intimidate us by acting crazy and clearly it's working on some people.

You never back down from a bully, this is an elemental truth we all learned in the third grade. Yet some people today are saying that this wild unproportional response from Muslims shows that printing the cartoons was a mistake. Nope, what it shows was the exact opposite. We need to have this fight now, right bloody now, and explain to our Muslim friends that they are welcome to live in our societies but we will not change the way we live, or accord them special rights or privileges unavailable to other groups or faiths.

This is the second front in the GWOT. Muslims seek to force westerners to inhabit their backwards world instead of becoming a functional part of the new world.

I don't know about you but I was horrified by the statement released by our State department. It sent precisely the wrong message, instead of standing with the newspaper in question we scolded them, though all they did was ask a question.

Here is what our State department should have said...

We in the United States are sorry for any offence given by the Danish cartoons. However, free speech is one of our most cherished freedoms, one that brave men and women have fought and died to protect. Free speech and freedom of the press are two bedrocks all free societies share in common. If our Muslim brothers cannot understand that perhaps they need to head back to the desert and stop pretending they can handle living in freedom.

Up to the last sentence I think I even managed to capture the weenie style of government weasel speak. This is the fight, this is the time.

I will keep posting the cartoons and I urge our newspapers to do the same until the Muslim world gets the message...


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