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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lies And The Lying Asshats Who Tell Them

Well, (Sound of knuckles cracking) Haven't had one of these to sharpen my teeth on in a little bit. This is a veritable feast, a journalistic orgy of misdirection and conflation, enjoy!

When immigrants aren't welcome

From: The Roanoke Times

If Virginia is serious about mitigating the impact of undocumented immigrants, then it first must understand exactly which issues to address.

Richmond faces two choices when it comes to the nearly 200,000 undocumented immigrants living in Virginia: Enact tough laws to let them know just how unwelcome they are, or set aside stereotypes and actually define the problems immigrants pose.
Conflation #1, enacting tough laws is not necessarily based on stereotypes, unless you're a liberal weenie journalist with a J-school degree and a marked lack of intelligence and common sense.

Also, the title? Nice try, but the issue isn't immigrants so much as it is ILLEGAL immigrants. You know, those people that serve your every whim?
The first choice might play well temporarily with voters, but it will widen the cultural divide and cut off any chance that undocumented immigrants will eventually assimilate. The second choice offers some promise.
I don't want them to assimilate, I want them to leave. I love the assumption that they're here to stay, guess what Mr. Editor person, they ain't. As to the cultural divide see here.
About a dozen or so bills pending in the General Assembly exploit nativism. Only one resolution attempts to make any sense out of Virginia's growing population of undocumented immigrants. The resolution directs the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission to study the actual, not just the perceived, effects of undocumented immigrants on Virginia's economy and government resources.
It's been studied to death. Whenever a weenie, whether a weenie journo or a weenie politician knows they're about to have their ass hande to them, watch and see how quick they call for a study. Sorry you cappucino swilling prick, times they are-a-changing, enjoy your slaves in what little time you have left to abuse and take advantage of them.
A JLARC study makes sense. The agency, drawing on the expertise and data of state and local agencies, can provide an accurate assessment of the effects on the economy. (Yes, benefits are derived when undocumented workers fill menial jobs for employers who can't find legal workers in a state with as low an unemployment rate as Virginia enjoys. And yes, future benefits can be projected if Virginia successfully educates immigrants.)
Whoot, ding-ding-ding! We have a winner! There's this word, oh, you know, it's on the tip of my tongue...ILLEGAL!!

You forgot it Mr. Journo person, but don't worry, I'll point it out every single time.
But a study makes sense only if the goal is to identify and relieve burdens on schools, hospitals and communities. It makes no sense if the goal is to punish people who look, act and speak differently than mainstream Virginia.
The racist card, I wondered when it would be played, and unskillfully at that. I, for one, don't much care how they act, smell, walk, urinate. Know what I do care about Mr. Editor Person? Whether or not they are citizens. I realize that's probably not terribly important to you in your ivory tower, is to me and lots of other people.
Some lawmakers think "illegals" should be punished -- stripped of driver's licenses, marriage licenses and the opportunity to earn a GED or a college education -- and locked up by state police, to boot.
Nice try, but again, I don't want them stripped of anything other thn thier ILLEGAL presence in this country.
After all, "those" people have the nerve to stand in front of convenience stores, waiting for day jobs, and frighten moms in their minivans who hesitate to pull in to buy a morning cup of coffee. They have too many relatives living under one roof and refuse to adopt America's culture and customs. And they don't even bother to speak English.
All true, and all good reasons for them to be booted out! This is America...Speak English!
Lawmakers who are more motivated out of a fear that undocumented immigrants will hasten the "Mexicanization" of Virginia think that by denying them the amenities enjoyed by the rest of Virginia, such as education, health care, driving and marriage, they won't need a translator to hear the message that they are unwelcome here.
I don't want to deny them anything other than their ILLEGAL presence in this country. It's ILLEGAL, but I realize the futility of hoping someone with a J-school degree would give a rat's ass about their own country.
Those same lawmakers think that by giving law enforcement agencies more powers to arrest and detain immigrants, then more will be sitting in cells rather than idly hanging out. They also might construe that as a way to crack down on crime.
Yep, and the problem is what, exactly?
Again, they would be mistaken. Similar laws in California and Arizona have failed. Punitive actions widen the cultural gap and, in time, lead to an increase in crimes, much of which would go unreported but still lead to the deterioration of society.
No, asshat, ILLEGAL immigrants, or as I like to say, your slaves you prick, cause the deterioration of society. Contempt for the law is a dangerous step, only bad things follow. But you and your sixties liberal mindset keep thinking that enforcing the law is the true danger.
Immigrants, even those here legally but with undocumented family members, would be less likely to cooperate with police in solving or preventing crimes.
Tough, really, my heart doesn't break here. Come legal, be legal, stay legal. What's the problem precisely?
If any of the misguided bills are enacted into law, Virginia will further entrench undocumented immigrants into an unwelcome subset of society. A preferable way awaits: Commission a study that begins to understand today's particular problems and works toward assimilation rather than segregation.
Study? For god's sake folks, this has been studied to death. We have no need to study anything, we merely need to make a choice.

Will we reclaim our country, asking that folks come here legally and do things the right way.

OR, will we follow our president into national suicide?

Those are the choices as I see it.

How about you?

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate please go to The Uncooperative Blogger or Freedom Folks and email us. We will add you to the blogroll, and send you the rest of the info you will need.



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