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Friday, March 24, 2006

Funniest Headline Of The Day!

Calif. City to Enforce Immigration Law

A small sampling of the BS conveniently located within...
About 50 business owners gathered in front of City Hall on Thursday to voice their opposition to the policy, which would allow police to check the immigration status of suspected violent felons. They said fear among the immigrant community is keeping patrons away from businesses that cater to Hispanic customers.

Vincente Barajas, owner of La Espiga de Oro bakery, said his business declined 20 percent since the council vote. He said another of his bakeries, in nearby Fullerton, had not seen a similar dip.

"People think that just because of the way they look, you're going to get picked up by the police and taken to jail," Barajas said.
Seems to me, Senor Barajas, that this might be because they're idiots!

Last time I checked all legal Americans had easy and cheap access to the proper documents that would assert their right to be lawfully in this country. So who exactly is Senor Barajas worried about?

Could it be...ILLEGALS?

No, I'm sure a race pandering, ethnic pandering whore like Senor Barajas wouldn't stoop to something so low as to suggest that all Americans must contnue to suffer the harms of illegal immigration merely so he can sell more cochinitos, would he?

Yeah, unfortunately I think he would too, and that's a damn shame!

H/T Memeorandum

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