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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another State That's Not Mine on the Right Track

Just read this.

The Senate voted today for a bill that targets employers who attract and hire illegal aliens, ends public assistance for illegal immigrants, and strengthens the role of local law enforcement in identifying, detaining and deporting illegal residents of Missouri.
The bill's sponsor, Sen. Bill Alter, had this to say:

"When an illegal immigrant is working here, they are stealing a job from a hard working Missourian. It is incredibly important that we crack down on employers who are hiring these undocumented workers, and give our local and state law enforcement officers every tool they need to find and remove them."
and this:

"If we don't stop rewarding them with chances at free education and free healthcare, that number will only continue to grow. These illegal aliens are stealing precious tax dollars that help Missouri's working families send their children to school and college."
What he said!

The bill still needs final approval by the state senate before being considered by Missouri's house.

First, I wish you the best, Sen. Alter, in your efforts to protect the livelihoods and rights of the people of your fine state.

And, second -- have you ever considered moving to Illinois? It's quite lovely this time of year...

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