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Monday, April 24, 2006

When Crazy People...


Source: My Butt itches (As usual craziness bolded)
Los Angeles
Call for student/worker walkout May 1st.
From the Si Se Puede Labor Collective

On May 1st we are calling on students and workers of all races to join in a day of resistance. We call on those with documents and those without to stand together in solidarity. Together we will walk out of our schools. The schools where we are trained how to be obedient, how to follow orders, and how to become docile sheep. We will walk out of our jobs. The jobs that rob and exploit us, the jobs with racist bosses, jobs where our hard work goes to make them rich. We will walk out against the racist legislation in Washington, against the racist minutemen, against the entire racist capitalist system that exploits all workers and students.

We will walk out against the war that preys on people of color and the poor, where our sons and daughters, sisters and brothers are dying in a fight that is not even theirs. We will walk out for the hundreds of innocent people murdered by the LAPD in the streets of LA, for every cop who has pulled over a kid just cause s/he is black or brown, for every swing of that racist baton, we will walk out. We will walk out in defiance of the false boarders that divide us from our friends and family, and the laws that criminalize our very existence. We will walk out and just like on March 25th , the streets will be ours. The city will stop. We will walk out and our voices will be heard!

*Wear black in solidarity with all the immigrants being detained in US prisons and the thousands who have died crossing the border
*Please no American flags
*More details to be announced

No Boarders! No Bosses!
Si Se Puede!
Me too! I hate boarders, they never pay their rent on time, they usually smell like garlic...

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