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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Big Business grows fat from illegal workers


Cynthia Tucker has a god piece in the Atlanta-Constitution-Journal today showing one of the most effective ways of shutting down illegal immigration. She then takes a turn into the bizarre by calling Tom Tancredo names, seeing as they see eye to eye on this issue I will never understand the visceral hatred of Mr. Tancredo. Other than that, well done Cynthia!
If they really wanted to, your representatives in Washington could dry up illegal immigration almost before you could say, "Tom Tancredo is a tiresome demagogue." All they would have to do is require U.S. employers to check the legal status of all employees and impose stiff sanctions — including multimillion-dollar fines and prison time — on employers who flout the law.

After a few executives had done the perp walk, others would get the message. Illegal hiring would drop precipitously. Since the vast majority of illegal immigrants come to this country to work, many of them would leave if they couldn't get hired.

And they'd take the message back home to La Paz and Villa Juarez and San Gerardo: Without legal papers, you can't get a job in the United States.
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