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Saturday, April 08, 2006


Source: Stop The ACLU

Here is the latest outrage from the so called "religion of peace."

April 4 (Compass Direct) – "If you are forcing me to marry a man who is a Muslim simply because of my decision to become a Christian, then I will rather have you kill me than accept to marry this man."

These were the bitter words of Jamila Noma, now 16, to her father, Malam Noma, in an Islamic court two years ago in Jimeri village in Bauchi State of northern Nigeria.

The girl had been arrested by the police and brought before an Islamic court on the orders of her father when she became a Christian and rejected his decision to marry her off to Muslim man.

These two years have left her in an uncertain situation. The court has not decided the case, she has been disowned by her father and he has forced her out of the family home. She is staying with her lawyer, Suleiman Wurno.

Noma said that her father is a pagan, with a family made up of six wives and 16 children. She is the last of six children of her mother.

Noma first desired to become a Christian two years ago, after hearing the gospel preached in her village church. "The pastor in the church had preached to us repeatedly," she recalled. "I knew that I was a sinner and decided that I wanted to become a Christian."

Noma knew it would be difficult, though, as two of her brothers had faced hardship from their father when they decided to become Christians.

"Yohanna, one of my brothers, faced difficulties too when he became a Christian – he was disowned by our dad and sent out of the family home," she said.

Her opportunity to make a decision came when she went to visit her maternal uncle, "Pastor Idi," she recalled. "My uncle shared the gospel with me, and I knew that that was the moment I was waiting for, the moment to receive Christ as my Lord and Savior, and so, I prayed to receive Christ," she said.

The story goes on to tell about how the man whom her father was trying to force her to marry, attempted to rape her several times, how her dad turned her into the police, how she was convicted under Sharia law, and her escape. Make sure to read the entire heart breaking story.

Religious liberty, and women's rights are completely non-existent in the culture of Islam. Until this can be reconciled in the Muslim culture, world civilization can not take the next step forward, and Islam will continue to live in the dark ages. For all those "tolerant" dhimmi apologists out there, I'd love to hear where you stand on this one.

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