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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Immigration Activist Deported

Source: KSDK
KSDK-Two days before a big immigration reform rally in downtown St. Louis, a prime mover of the event was arrested and set for deportation.

Cecilia Velasquez was arrested in 2000 as she crossed the U.S border from Mexico, and refused to leave the country. In April of 2003, she was arrested again, following a complaint about her immigration status. Court records show she fought her deportation until August of 2005, and even went to the U.S. Court of Appeals, where she lost, and was found to be deportable.

Friday, her lawyer says she was sent to Mexico.

Velasquez is on the business license for a Spanish language newspaper published in south St. Louis, and was active in the Latino community. Her newspaper, "Red Latina", which means Latin Network, heavily promoted last week's immigration rally. One of her supporters says the timing of her deportation is not just a coincidence, and she was targetted by the government.

A spokesman for I.C.E., the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency of Homeland Security, denies any agenda, saying the arrest and removal is purely a coincidence.
I don't know care if she was "targeted" by the government. An illegal alien has precisely no rights in this country, so to suggest the government has done them wrong by removing them is the height of absurdity.

And let's just remind ourselves that the "victim" had already been removed and chose to re-enter the country extra-illegally.

I do wish ICE would stand up, show a set, and say plainly "yes she was targeted, just as we target anyone in this country illegally."

But I suppose that would require a different president.

H/T Immigration News

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