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Friday, April 14, 2006


Source: Eurweb

Joe C. Phillips takes a look at a recent release on illegal immigration by the NAACP.

My favorite bit...(Just for you Dave)
The four industries or sectors that rely most heavily on illegal labor are: construction, food preparation, cleaning and farming. The great lie of this debate is that illegals are doing jobs Americas will not. The obvious rejoinder is: Who filled jobs in these sectors before 11.5 million illegal immigrants crossed our borders? The answer is Americans -- specifically Black Americans. The rub, as Professor Swain points out, is that these American workers must now compete with an influx of labor that has the advantage of under-pricing their services. In Los Angeles during the 1980s for example, the percentage of Black janitors and hotel workers in the workforce plummeted as immigrant workers who accepted lower wages replaced them. Black America looks to the NAACP for leadership on this issue. Unfortunately, all the organization has to offer is a one-page outline filled with the odd notions that law enforcement officials should not enforce the law, people who break the law should not be detained and people who have disregarded our nations sovereignty should be protected and receive amnesty.
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