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Friday, April 14, 2006

Florida councilman won't swear support for US

Source: Reuters
MIAMI (Reuters) - A newly elected councilman in a tiny Florida village has refused to take an oath of office pledging support for the U.S. government because he adamantly opposes the war in Iraq.

Councilman-elect Basil Dalack, 76, a Korean War veteran, won an uncontested election to fill a vacancy on the five-person council of the southeast Florida town of Tequesta.

But he is refusing to take the oath of office -- due to be administered on Thursday -- because the oath requires him to "support, protect and defend" the government. His decision comes at a time when polls show ebbing support for the war.

Dalack said he believes the U.S. war in Iraq is unjust and "an abomination." He said he could not sleep at night if he took a pledge implying blanket support for the U.S. government.

"Those dead kids in Iraq, American kids and Iraqi kids, would haunt me," Dalack said.
All I can say is...Unbelievable!

This is proof that age confers neither intelligence nor wisdom. One does not have to agree with the war to "support, protect and defend" the government. Perhaps this individual wouldn't swear this oath no matter what? If so, should a person that will not swear an oath such as this be trusted in government service? I'm uncomfortable with that idea.

As an interesting aside, an Conservative blog group of which I'm a part has recently moved to change the basic charter away from supporting the president and moving toward support of conservative principles and general support for the government.

I think what the oath is seeking is an acknowledgement and affirmation of the basic credo we all share. Democracy, rule of law and all that jazz, if you can't agree to that I don't think you have any business serving the American people.

Also, isn't this a bit like the dog catcher refusing to catch strays because of the war? Catch the damn dogs sir, protest the war on your time.

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