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Friday, April 14, 2006

When Smart People...

Comment. Darnell over at The Independent Conservative (another favorite blog) left a thought provoking comment under this piece from earlier today...
Down here in the so-called all racist Red Southern state of GA there are SEVERAL Blacks that hold offices that they were elected to via a state wide vote. Our State Supreme Court Justice is a Black woman and we just re-elected her a couple of years ago.

Also Congressman David Scott is a Black Democrat in a majority White district.

All this shows that yes there are some Whites that vote soley on race, but they are not the majority of Whites.

Now I could start talking about the voting habits of Blacks in many majority Black areas, but I think everyone already knows how the double-standards play out regarding use of the word "racism".

I lived in Cynthia McKinney's district in the past and live near there now. In the last election the person who SHOULD HAVE WON, lost in my opinion because she did not have the right complextion. (She's a Bush hating Liberal just like McKinney and has a long history of leadership in that area, but she's not Black. In that district you're only going to get a Bush hating Liberal, so you just hope it's not McKinney. Since you all know how much of a butt McKinney is.) Nobody ever talks about this, but if the woman who came in 2nd place was Black, she would have beaten McKinney like Deniese Majette (a Black Woman) did in 2002.

You ever think the Wapo will do a story about racist voting in Black districts?

I should also mention that Blacks often vote Liberal, but don't always vote on race. For example Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley is White and won in a majority Black city. And Black districts do vote for other White candidates at times. But some districts like McKinney's seem to really let race "color" thier vote.

Now when is the Wapo going to do a story on Hispanic voting habits?
Always nice when smart people read your blog!

He also lays down an excellent altar call on his blog today. For all you folks heading straight to hell...Go!



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