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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Immigration Protesters: Tearing Up The American Flag

Source: NBCSanDiego
Keith Brentlinger displays the U.S. flag outside Hatter, Williams and Purdy, his Oceanside business.

“To me, it’s everything,” said Brentlinger “I mean, like I said — we truly live in the greatest country in the world.”

Brentlinger said he was shocked on Tuesday when marching immigration-reform protesters tore down the flag outside his business.

"Some of them just grabbed the flag, and pulled it off its aluminum pole, and it got ripped," said Brentlinger.

Brentlinger told NBC 7/39 that he put up a new flag the next day.

"Some protesters drove up in their car and snagged the flag from our building and took off," said Brentlinger. "I was extremely, extremely upset. I mean, it was just … insulting is the word."

School officials are saying that the ban is just temporary and that they were just trying to prevent violence. They would not say how long the ban would be in effect.
Can we call this civil unrest now? Get the national guard doing some much needed deporting.

This makes me so angry I'm shaking as I type this. A group that purports to want full citizenship has ripped an American flag off it's flagpole ripping it and then stole it. There's always the chance I've lost my damn mind here, but this is an awfully big deal.

Desecrating the American flag is never a joke in my book. If the person who did this isn't a citizen, well it turns out they can destroy all the American flags they like in their own damn country!!

It's time to start deporting these ingrates. With all due respect to jackass George Will, I don't care if the line of buses stretches to the moon, this needs to happen now!

H/T Leaningstraightup

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