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Thursday, August 31, 2006

No Pattern?

Source: sfgate
The victims of Tuesday's hit-and-run carnage were men and women, old and young, black, white and Asian. One was on a bike, the rest on foot.

They were mowed down in at least 11 locations in San Francisco. The lone fatality was in Fremont, a 54-year-old man hit as he walked along a bike lane in an area without sidewalks.

At least 14 people were sent to the hospital.

"There appears to be no pattern," said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.
From 'Right Wing Nuthouse's' comments section...
People who have nothing at all in common apart from being (mostly) pedestrians. Black, white, Asian; male, female; young, old; there just isn’t any kind of common characteristic that he seemed to be targeting.

Except, as I said, that all but one were pedestrians. If this was ‘terrorism’, it was the standard garden-variety terrorism practiced by drivers against pedestrians. And sadly, this nation has yet to declare war on that kind of terror.
Now I realize I don't have the sort of swollen cranium that would allow me to write for sfgate, much less piss in Rick Moran's wheaties, but, I can think of something every single one of these "totally random," "out of the blue," "absolutely nothing in common" folks had in common.

How about you?*

*For a subtle hint check the last Technorati tag, it just might contain what we around here like to call a "clue."

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