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Friday, September 01, 2006

Arkansas Miuteman Meeting Grows Heated...

When anti-thought idjits like this were allowed in...
Trina Fortanelli-Lezana, the 23-year-old daughter of a Mexican immigrant, argued that people come into the country trying to make better lives for their families.

"We do need to secure our borders," she said. "But, against terrorists, not people who want to come make better lives for their families."
Oh, Oh, I see Mz asshat. So the only criteria for the dwindling population of Mexico to stroll into our country is "they want a better life?"

Does this special offer also include India? China? Russia? Who, pray tell, doesn't it include?

Clearly we need an IQ test at the border, we are allowing in far too many idiots.

Oh, and Mz Asshat? How, without securing our border, do we tell the terrorists from the "good hearted" busboys and gardeners only here to terrorize us with their mad drunk driving skillz?



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