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Thursday, August 31, 2006

When Orca Yodels

Source: Herald Today

The grotesquerie that is Ted Kennedy managed to lift his mouth from the trough long enough to utter these profoundly sage, did I say profoundly sage? Jeez, obviously I meant to say retarded, man I apologize, I'm sure that was a shock to the old ticker, words, shortly afterwards his neck grew weak and his attendants soothed his bulbousness with several gallons of scotch...
MIAMI - Sen. Edward Kennedy, one of the authors of a landmark Senate immigration bill, urged President Bush on Tuesday to become “more engaged, more involved'’ in pushing for comprehensive immigration reform - or millions of undocumented immigrants will fail to win legal status.
Oh horrors Mr. Smithers! Our poor criminal aliens won't get their goodies, whatever shall we do?

I believe Mr. Ted (Orca) Kennedy should be required to legaly change his name to 'unmitigated gall."

It suits, don'cha think?

Oh, and it appears Christmas comes early for the Freedom Folks this year...
Meanwhile, immigrant rights activists announced a new round of pro-legalization rallies and marches timed to coincide with the end of the congressional recess after Labor Day weekend.
Yay! Retarded illegal aliens telling us we suck and we better get off their land whilst parroting the word 'racist' as though they knew what it meant, huzzah! Keep up the good (retarded) work guys, I'll just kick back and feed you rope.

As the old song sez..."won't you please come to Chicago?"

H/T immigration watchdog

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