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Friday, September 01, 2006

Cripple The Economy?

Source: tucsoncitizen

Arizona is almost by definition one of the epicenters of illegal immigration, hence the Republican race there for US Rep. Jim Kolbe's seat appears to be turning on immigration issues.

Lonewacko has some good stuff on the race here.

This statement by candidate huffman, the "chamber of commerce," pro-amnesty candidate is what I wanted to focus on...
"I'm not willing to run for office and say that all we need to do is secure the border and shouldn't worry about the impact on the economy," he said. "I'm not willing to cripple our economy just to play to people's fears."
Ok, the CW suggests that if all illegal aliens were removed from the economy, the economy would crumble and we'd be living in stone huts, wearing antelope skins and eating bugs.

Why?  Seriously, can someone explain that one to me, whenever the rope-a-dopes at the WSJ try, it literally sounds like made up nonsense to me.  I watched the economy do just fine pre-invasion, what has changed precisely between then and now.  When I began my career I predated the invasion, at least here in Chi-town, and saw plenty of businesses do just fine in a non-invader economy. 

Is there a serious argument here?  If so I've yet to hear it.  I tend to hear a lot of blather, which all seems to boil down to "don' toucha me slaves."  It is my position that the only thing affected in any given business by hiring illegals is the profit margin, in other words, while yes, the businesses would make less money, they wouldn't go out of business, and ultimately they would become more efficient, increasing their profit margin.

An example, have you ever counted the number of people working behind a McDonald's counter?  Having worked in the industry I notice stuff like that, it's a quirk, I know.  On an average shift there are between 12 and 16 people behind the counter.  I started my culinary career in fast food at a little hot dog stand near O'hare airport.

On our busiest days, at the peak hours we never had more than 5-6 employees working.  What does that mean?  Obviously, it is more efficient and allowed our employer to pay us more, which he did.  Astonishingly he was able to hire American citizens, pay them well, and still managed to stay in business, he must have been a magician!

I've asked this before but, what the hell?  Are we to seriously believe that American business cannot survive without illegals?  If so, doesn't that seem to indicate that no matter what sort of feckless bill Washington excretes businesses will still want illegal employees? 

Doesn't it also make you wonder, if that's true, if America is even a viable country anymore if our very economic existence is completely dependent on foreign criminals?

I do not believe for one second that the economy would even be seriously affected if we were able to expel every invader tomorrow.  Prove me wrong.

Oh, and when I say "prove me wrong?"  Here's a tip, calling me names does not actually count as what we around here like to call..."proof."

A final thought from Otis Graham, author of the most excellent "Unguarded Gates."...
Or, they might remind others that predictions of economic calamity in the event of the curtailment of access to a low-wage population have been made many times by those who use that labor. In the most important of such instances within the last century-slavery in the South, and child labor in industry-the economy adjusted nicely to the sudden need to get the work done by others.
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