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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Holy Crow! Enforcement Works?

Who'da thunk it?

Source: 10news
SAN DIEGO -- For Bob Maupin, it is a gargantuan attempt to protect and secure his 250-acre ranch. His property sits just yards from the U.S.-Mexico border. "They want to jump across this road so they won't be seen and get past this fence," said Maupin. He said he has spent the last 15 years slowly building a chain-link fence that is 10 feet high and 2,000 yards long. Maupin's mission is to stop what has been a rush of illegal crossings into the U.S. through his land. "People cross every single night and more than one group," said Maupin. Regarding the fence, Maupin said it works. Night vision video taken on Maupin's land last month showed what turned out to be five illegal immigrants attempting to cross. However, the group was turned back when they could not get through the fence.
Now hold on a second, very smart people, people who wear suits and smell nice have told me to my face that fences don't work?

So what gives?

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