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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Och! A Wee Dram O'madness From Scotland

Source: Sunday Mail

(Madness bolded for...oh fer Chrisake's, you know already!)
A driver spent two nights in jail after being accused of "revving his car in a racist manner". Mechanic Ronnie Hutton, 49, yesterday described his court ordeal which finally ended when prosecutors dropped the allegation of racism. But he was still convicted of a breach of the peace for revving the engine of his £25,000 Lotus. Witnesses claimed he had been trying to intimidate a Libyan couple on the pavement. Ronnie, of Stirling, claims he was only revving the powerful V8 engine to avoid another £15,000 repair bill.
"Revving his car in a racist manner?"

Is it any wonder that Scotland is also known for battering and deep frying candy bars?

I crap you negative!


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