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Monday, September 18, 2006

Smart Dead White Dudes

"they (immigrants) will bring with them the principles of government they leave."
Thomas Jefferson
From Vdare...
Last week, the Public Policy Institute of California published a study by pollster Mark Baldassare, entitled California's Exclusive Electorate. It details just what those millions of the unregistered intend to vote for when they, or their children, eventually do vote.

The results should gladden the hearts of Latin American leftist populists such as Hugo Chavez and Andrés Manuel López Obrador. *snip*

According to the PPIC's report, California's unregistered would like to use the ballot box to, in effect, take money from the highly-productive and give it to themselves. *snip*

According to the study, among current likely voters in California, 72 percent are white and 14 percent are Hispanic. In contrast, among residents who aren't registered to vote, just 24 percent are white and 63 percent are Hispanic. *snip*

Still, for now this is the good news implicit in the PPIC report: contra the Brockman-Bush Theory of welcoming our new overlords in the hopes that betraying your own fellow citizens will incline the incoming master race to be merciful to you (sorry about everybody else), Hispanic voting is still so weak that it's not yet too late politically to shut off the influx from abroad…if we act now.
Food for thought.

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