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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Congressional Report On Illegal Immigration And Border Security

The Congressional report on illegal immigration and border security is finally up, it's a mind blower folks...

Darnell @ The Independent Conservative has more.

I want to focus on this bit...
According to El Paso County Sheriff Leo Samaniego, drug cartels operating along the
southwestern U.S. border are a “country unto themselves” with intelligence capabilities, weaponry and communications equipment that challenges the Border Patrol and local law enforcement.76 Sheriff Samaniego advises his deputies to “back off” when they see well armed individuals from cartels and other criminal organizations. *snip*

The Sheriff for Hidalgo County, Texas Sheriff has prohibited the deputies in his department from patrolling along the banks of the Rio Grande River because of the
threat of violence from the cartels.
The next time your tempted to utter the cliche "These colors don't run?"

Remind yourself that yes indeedy they do, like craven bitches, from drug cartels and illegal aliens and pretty much anything from scary ole' Mexico. If we were a country, which we're not, you know as well as I do that we'd be piling bodies up like cordwood, if we were a country, which we're not.

I'm not suggesting that the Border Patrol or local police should be handling this, I think we all know exactly who and what should be on the border.

If that phrase "these colors don't run" doesn't apply at home, then what in the hell's the point? This is a stain on our national character, and it shows us to be yellow as a nation, and that our president has a yellow streak a mile wide on his back. Or is running from danger and ignoring threats to your citizens the new bravery?

A reminder of how serious this administration isn't on the subject of border security...
The Mexican drug cartels have staked out lookout posts on high ground up to 200 miles into U.S. territory. There are armed foreign nationals on U.S. soil, protecting their drug shipment routes. Presented with photographic evidence of this Karl Rove pooh-poohed it.
We've been talking lately about whether or not the (R)'s should win the election, I have to tell you guys, when I hear stuff like this, it's not a question of whether they should win election, but how quickly we can hang the lot of them as an example to future generations.

These colors run, all the way to our yellow bellied White House it would appear.

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