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Monday, October 23, 2006

Dr. Yeagley On Ann Coulter?

Do you have image firmly in mind?  Do you need to "take a moment?"

Moving along briskly now, think what you will of Ann Coulter, love her, hate her she is a smart cookie.  Dr. Yeagley had the opportunity to interview her on the subject of her views on American Indians.  She makes a point that just never occurred to me before...
The worst thing that happened to the Indians in New England was that they had no immunity from European diseases like smallpox. Despite the claims of semi-retards like fake-Indian Ward Churchill, it is preposterous that this was done intentionally. Louis Pasteur didn't figure out how diseases were transmitted until the late 19th century. Even then, his discovery was met with skepticism. The settlers wouldn't have known enough about transmission of diseases to do it on purpose.
Rock on Ann! read the while

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