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Monday, October 23, 2006

Search on for Man Who Shot Border Patrol Agent

Source: KRGV5 (H/T Immigration News Daily)

The incident happened near San Juan, at the same site where a different attack on agents had occurred a few months back. The agent was on routine patrol when he saw the man walking out of a known smuggling trail. Agents tried to arrest him, but the man ran. During the chase the man shot at one of the agents, and others fired back. The suspect fled foot, and the agent was taken to the hospital. Authorities quickly began searching by land and air, and even brought in boats to help with the search. No word yet on the suspect, but the agent is said to be doing fine. The site of the incident has been the scene of other violent attacks on border patrol agents including one just hours before. Agents had spotted drug smugglers in an SUV, but when they tried to approach them, the suspects backed their SUV into the border patrol truck.
Let's hope that the agents' responsive return of fire didn't make its way into the suspect's buttocks.

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