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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Stop Them Before They Breed!

Source: I forgot to take my smart pills blog

I link this with a bruised jaw.  It hit my desktop and smarts like the dickens I'll have you know.

Shhh, let's listen in...
Tonight I'm watching Immigration Nation on CNN. The story talks about how small towns in Georgia which just a few short years ago were void of immigrants are teeming with day laborers, and immigrant refugees from Mexico. *snip*

In the show, they follow a gentleman adamantly against immigration. His fears are that America will be a nation of two languages, that immigrants use his tax dollars to deprive his own children of education, and that immigrants put a undue stress upon the nations health-care system.

It's the fear part that gets me. It's the hate that I see in peoples eyes when they talk about illegal immigrants. I've seen it. It's racism. Honestly who cares if we all end up speaking Spanish, or are already horrible education system must fund "Spanish only" speaking programs. Is health-care really all that good in this country? The truth comes down to fear. The fear that your going to have to change. The fear you might have to learn something, adapt to people speaking different. It's not unlike the stereotypical retired old people, more concerned with how right they are, then what's right to do.
Whoo, where does one start with something like this?  At the beginning I s'pose.

Is it racism to ask for your borders to be under control? Is that really racism?

It's not so much the fear of change, as the fear of being forced to change against our will Buttercup.

Perhaps if leech-esque illegals weren't draining our healthcare system of valuable dollars that could be used for, oh, I don't know, citizens, we wouldn't find ourselves in this mess.

Why would an American school, in, you know, America fund "Spanish Only Programs?"  It's an oxymoron, or more simply, it's moronic.

Let me cut to the chase here toots, I hate illegal immigration, I loathe illegal immigration, but do I hate and fear illegal aliens?  Eh, not so much.  However, when any individual comes into this country and begins making threats, reconquista threats, ethnic threats, my take is remarkably simple, you hang their corpses over the border wall as a warning to the next jackass who thinks that America is a pushover.

Nuff' said!

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