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Monday, October 23, 2006

Reaping What You Sow

Source: Mercury News via Parapundit
Of the 50 House districts nationwide with the fastest-growing immigrant communities, 45 are represented by Republicans. All but three of those lawmakers voted for a bill that would make illegal immigrants felons.

Overall, GOP districts added about 3 million immigrants from 2000 to 2005, nearly twice the number that settled in districts represented by Democrats, according to an Associated Press analysis of census data.

The numbers help explain why illegal immigration is such a big issue in rural Georgia, eastern Pennsylvania and in suburbs throughout the United States.

They also help explain why House Republicans passed five bills on border security in the weeks before Congress recessed for the Nov. 7 elections. Only one measure, calling for a border fence, has become law.
Parapundit sez...
You might be indifferent to the fate of the Republican Party or even hostile toward it. Fine. But if these Republican districts go Democrat because of Hispanic immigration they'll also go high poverty, high crime, high white flight into expensive enclaves, high crowding, low trust, more expensive to live in, worse places to be. So will go the rest of the country.

Some people are lackadaisical about the demographic changes wrought by immigration. They think they can go to some other place that hasn't been ruined yet. But the places you most want to go to are the places that are most likely to get ruined. Want to flee to the West? Denver, Tucson, and Phoenix are now white minority cities. Where you going to go? Not to the top Republican districts. They are too affluent with too many high paying jobs. So all the Hispanics are flooding in to work in construction, wash dishes in restaurants, mow lawns, and clean houses.
Steve Sailor sez...
It's one of those natural processes, like the locust. Illegal immigrants go to prosperous places, raise the cost of living, lower wages, drive out the Republicans, increase the number of government jobs needed to take care of their social traumas, and then, when the place is Democratic voting, crowded, unattractive, and electing lots of corrupt anti-business Democrats so jobs are scarce, they move on to new Republican districts. Rinse and repeat.
Jake sez...

The irony is that so many have jumped up and down about how great multiculturalism is, while at the same time desperately fleeing the true effects of these insane policies. What happens when there's no where left to flee to?

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