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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Problem Solved!

Source: kcna

What an amazing fellow! Amidst North Korea's "Dear Leader's" busy schedule, what with setting off nukes and affecting the weather, he makes time to think of the little people...
It is one of the most important issues in ensuring the existence and development of humankind to settle the food problem worldwide. The FAO, therefore, set October 16, its anniversary, as World Food Day.
Various events taking place in various countries on this day help deepen the understanding of the importance of the food problem worldwide and raising the international concern for the issue of increasing the food production to eradicate poverty and hunger.
In order to boost the food production the DPRK is taking a variety of practical and effective measures including vigorous undertaking of gigantic nature-remaking projects such as land realignment and construction of waterways, strict abidance by the principle of the right crop in the right season and the right crop to the right soil in the agricultural production and a wide application of advanced agricultural technology and methods.
Increased efforts are being exerted for the settlement of the food problem worldwide on the occasion of the day.



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