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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Racial Profiling?

Source: AP
San Antonio (AP) - Texas has started broadcasting live images of the U.S. border on the Internet in a security program that asks the public to report signs of illegal immigration or drug crimes.

A test Web site went live Thursday at with views from eight cameras and ways for viewers to e-mail reports of suspicious activity. Previously, the images had only been available to law enforcement and landowners where the cameras are located.

“There is only one way to test it, and that’s open it up for business,” said Texas Homeland Security Director Steve McCraw.

Some civil rights groups have criticized the “virtual border watch,” saying it will instill fear in border communities and could lead to fraudulent crime reports and racial profiling.
Is there any enforcement activity we can undertake that will not bring the ridiculous howls of "racial profiling" from retarded 'civil rights groups'?

H/T Beyond Borders Blog