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Friday, November 03, 2006

They Did The Mash...

The Terrorist Mash, it was a collegiate smash!

Source: Democracy project

Who sez...
University of Pennsylvania president Amy Gutmann threw her annual Halloween costume party at her home Tuesday night. Among the guests was Saad Saadi, who came dressed as a suicide bomber, complete with plastic dynamite strapped to his chest and a toy automatic rifle. Worse, Gutmann posed with Saadi!

In the photo below, Saadi pretends to execute a "hostage." Would a guest get away with pretending to lynch someone?
Gosh, my sides are splitting I'm laughing so hard, hardee-har-har. Why did we allow this peckerwood into this country?

Here is a rather frightening analogy for our future...

Willingly accept your dhimmitude America or the nice Muslim Gent might have to do something nasty.

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