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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why Can't They Win Elections?

Source: sacunion

The sacunion has a report up about Gold Star Families taking a secret trip to Iraq to see firsthand the place where their children died and to report on the war...
They’ve come to Iraq from cities throughout America as part of a 12-person delegation in a history-making effort – no other coordinated group of “Gold Star Families” has ever traveled to Iraq, and they come with a message that is sure to ignite a firestorm of debate.
That's not the object of this piece though, the sacunion allows comments, this was found in a steaming pile beneath the story...
" ain't a secret anymore. i'm posting this article on every islamist and anti-coalition message board i can find.

-> Posted by jar jar / Nov 04, 2006

"it would be such an ironic tragedy if these hacks died on their trip...hahaa"
-> Posted by jar jar / Nov 04, 2006
I'm sorry to say but I think this is the modern face of the left, hatred and loathing of those they disagree with. Wishing death upon those who don't see "reality" the same way they do.

And of course seeking to work with the enemy, just like the leadership of the Democrat party, truly, truly sad.

Why can't Democrats win electorally? Perhaps because people just like this are driving that party over the cliff.


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