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Sunday, November 05, 2006

You Are Not Alone

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The Morning News, a local Arkansas newspaper has a traditional pro-illegal immigration, anti-enforcement puff piece up in the November 4 edition. They say...
Demonized in campaign ads and stump speeches, illegal immigration from Latin America has been an issue in the governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general races. That focus has left Arkansas' small population Hispanic voters feeling squeezed.

"We are caught in the middle," said Carlos Cervantes, a Little Rock businessman and state director of the League of United Latin American Citizens. "A lot of us are born here. We're from here. A lot of us are veterans. We just feel hurt to take to this issue time and time again." *snip*

"It's a tough election cycle to be either brown or gay," said Barth, also a member of the Democratic Party's state committee. "They have been political footballs. It has clearly created some real tension in Arkansas politics for those small groups of voters." *snip*

"We're debating something we really have no control or vote over," said Trevino, commissioner of Arkansas Rehabilitation Services. "That's something that's really bewildering Hispanics." *snip*

"That's the confusing part," Cervantes said. "They know they cannot do so much without having it slapped back to them in the federal courts."
We have covered literally hundreds of news articles that trumpet this same basic storyline. Poor Hispanics have to choose between 'La Raza' and being American citizens. The federal gub'mint won't solve the problem and how dare localities even try.

Like many rural states Arkansas has seen an astonishing jump in illegal immigration since the nineties. As I have said the solution to this problem will be grassroots and flow from red state areas, like Arkansas and Georgia.

Interestingly the paper has a comment section, let's listen in to what the good people of Arkansas have to say on this subject...
"Mr. Trevino we can and will solve the issue of illegals on a loccal scale because our federal government refuses to do what the majority wants. Why is it Mr. Trevino that the phone number for the Mexican Consulate ends up ringing at your state office provided for with taxpayers dollars? Does not the Mobile Mexican Consulate allow illegal aliens to use easily forged birth certificates to obtain Mexican I.D.'s which are accepted by government personel, banks,law enforcement, employers and for voting? Did you and Gov.Huckabee fly together in Oct.2003 to Mexico City to finalize a deal with President Fox for a Mexican Consulate office for one dollar and the use of a state employee? A violation of the Constitution article 1,section 10-No state shall enter into an agreement with a foriegn power. I know you won't answer but it would be nice. "

"Why should legal Hispanic-Latino/a USA voters have a dilemna? Aren't they citizens of the USA? If their loyalty is to an ethnic group, rather than to the USA and its laws can they be real citizens? Demographics continues to be a divider. The focus should be on supporting the laws of our nation. The issue should be those who support NOT enforcing the law for personal, economic, and political gain. "

"I see I am not the only one who has noticed that some legal Hispanics are more loyal to their "race" than they are to their country. "
The media and the elites will try to convince you that nobody feels as you do about illegal immigration, that people who feel as you do are 'outside the mainstream." One thing I've noticed covering this issue is that every time you allow average Americans an opportunity to express their opinion they are uniformly against illegal immigration.

No, we do not all agree on what's to be done, there are certainly issues of contention, but nonetheless an overwhelming number of Americans want this problem solved, and solved now and appear to have no problem with an enforcement approach.

So when you feel discouraged and alone, when it seems like no one agrees with you that illegal immigration is a huge problem this country faces, when you feel like nobody else sees what you see?

They do, and as soon as we find a way to let average Americans speak out, this problem will be solved. Because as soon as average Americans are allowed a voice, the silent majority will realize that it's perfectly okay to be upset about our nation being colonized in the name of greed and cowardice. As soon as that happens it will be Katy-bar-the-door.

Several people involded with this battle have expressed this sentiment to me lately. Suggesting that the American people just don't care, can't be bothered to fight for their country. The truth though is somewhat different. Ask yourself if the American people don't care why news agencies and government administrations so desperately lie about what's happening in this country vis-a-vis illegal immigration.

The truth is getting out there, but it's a slow, frustrating process. Too many people still trust the dead dog media which is spinning like a top to keep the spigot of illegal immigration wide open while decidedly not mentioning any of the costs or problems associated with illegal immigration. They also have spilled considerable ink vilifying those who are standing up for this country, gee, I wonder why?

Which is precisely why the elites and opinion shapers want you to believe that you are alone in this fight. You're not and you never have been.

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