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Monday, December 11, 2006

Add'em Up, Whaddaya Get?

Source: wapo
First it was spinach. Then tomatoes. Now possibly green onions.

Over the past three months, fresh produce has been the culprit in one episode of food-borne illness after another, the latest an E. coli outbreak that appears to be linked to green onions served at Taco Bell restaurants in the Northeast. More than 60 people have been sickened in that outbreak.

The patchwork of federal and state regulations that is supposed to ensure food safety has become less effective as the nation's produce supply has grown increasingly industrial. Three months after the spinach scare, there is no agreement on what should be done to reduce health risks from the nation's fruits and vegetables even as each episode of illness has heightened a sense of urgency.
Now add this to the mix...
Bacteria in loose stool of infected persons can be passed from one person to another if hygiene or hand washing habits are inadequate. This is particularly likely among toddlers who are not toilet trained. Family members and playmates of these children are at high risk of becoming infected.
And finally this...
Up to 70 percent of U.S. farm workers, or some 500,000 people, are undocumented, by most estimates.
Gosh, what could be causing these outbreaks? Well, it's a mystery to me, if you have any thoughts drop'em in comments.

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