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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oddly, I Think This Is Good News...

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WASHINGTON – Two of the most liberal members of Congress met with two of their most conservative colleagues this week to revive immigration legislation that passed the Senate but was throttled by House Republican leaders who resisted its attempt to grant citizenship to illegal immigrants.

“The plan is to bring the bill up in late winter,” said Rep. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., a conservative stalwart who attended the meeting in the office of Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. The other participants were Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.
Why do I think this is good news? Look, these are the four most rabid loco supporters of illegal immigration in elected office. Do you recall Senor McCain sobbing about "poor illegal aliens riding in the back of the bus?" How Sweaty Teddy welcoming huge groups of illegal aliens and telling him how much he loves them? Gutierrez? Please, put the man on TV and let him rave.

Here's the thing you need to understand, we WANT people talking about this, because when the issue is thrust in their faces Americans do not dig illegal immigration all day long. If these jokers can get this bill on the floor they will piss off several million more Americans with their shameless pandering for their favorite people (hint: their not Americans!).

Though I still say their pipe dreaming, the (D) party would be literally insane to even let this bill out of conference...
Now Democrats face the hazards of immigration politics.

Immigration-law changes are conspicuously absent from the legislative agenda laid out by incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Observers here say it will be difficult for Pelosi, D-San Francisco, to honor her campaign-season pledge to work for a new comprehensive immigration law without splitting a caucus that includes freshly elected Democrats who vowed to secure the border and crack down on illegal immigration.
This still floors me every time I read it, the audacity!
Immigrant-rights advocates, along with their allies at the National Chamber of Commerce and other business organizations, also support a proposal to provide hundreds of thousands of low-wage workers every year for employers who demonstrate that they are unable to find Americans to fill the slots.
Low wage! Arghhh! Am I the only person who recalls the hysterical arguments that this had nothing whatsoever to do with wages?

Nonetheless, we should welcome another attempt to jam amnesty down the American throat, not fear it. Did it pass last time? And I say it has no more chance this time. Another benefit of this bill possibly coming up, maybe our "good friends" from South of the border will gear up some more massive marches. That was a winner with the American people.

This really is win-win for those who are against illegal immigration. Don't fear it, or do you think Americans really support illegal immigration? I don't, not for a second.

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