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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Rape Camps?

Source: Libertad Latina
This is one of the largest known child and youth sex trafficking cases in the United States. In one of several related cases, hundreds of Mexican girls between 7 and 18 were kidnapped or subjected to false romantic entrapment by organized criminal sex trafficking gangs. Victims were then brought to San Diego County, California. Over a 10 year period these girls were raped by hundreds of men per day in more than 2 dozen home based and agricultural camp based brothels.

A Latina medical doctor employed by a U.S. federal agency provided condoms to the victims for years, and was told by her supervisors not to speak out and organize efforts to rescue the victims. This doctor was ordered under threat of legal action to keep quiet about the mass victimization of children in “rape camps.”

When a joint FBI, INS and San Diego Sheriff’s raid was finally organized and executed, ten years after local law enforcement first learned about local trafficking, many of the criminal traffickers and johns escaped. The 50 johns and traffickers who were captured were later released when the intimidated child victims refused to accuse their enslavers. Most of the victims were then deported to Mexico without being provided with any victim services.

A number of murdered immigrant teen girls have been found in San Diego, possibly linked to trafficking rings.

The San Diego child sex trafficking case continues to evolve. In June, 2003 one of the key trafficking ringleaders was convicted of a charge that would bring him 18 months in jail. The rural rape camps continue to exist and were filmed by a local TV station (see below).

The San Diego Sex Trafficking Case deserves the full attention of the criminal justice system, social service providers and victim advocates. Previous to the notoriety of this case, anti-trafficking advocates noted that some concerned members of Congress and other decision makers would ask “if 50,000 enslaved persons are trafficked into the U.S. each year, where are they?”

That question still needs to be researched and answered on a national basis. In the present, the San Diego case provides the “smoking gun” that documents the true horror of the Latin America to U.S. trafficking crisis.

The San Diego case represents a large tip of the national trafficking ‘iceberg,’ and this case must be addressed with aggressive legal zeal. The San Diego child sex trafficking case is a true abomination in the eyes of the creator and in the eyes of the entire the human race!

Failure to deal with this case effectively will send a clear message to traffickers that the U.S. does not care about the lives and mass-rape of the hundreds of 7 to 18 year old girls who have been, and are today, victimized in this international criminal enterprise. To accomplish an end to such trafficking, cross-cultural compassion and an end to anti-immigrant hostility in U.S. society will have to take place. Otherwise, such hostility and apathy will allow traffickers to continue their criminal violence against these victimized women and children with impunity.
Welcome to the "New America." An America where we encourage the rape and enslavement of preteen girls. Feel the pride!

H/T immigration watchdog

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