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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Racism For Me But Not For Thee?

Source: Independent Conservative

Our pal Darnell at ID reports...
Larry Johnson prefers working with a Black coach

He also says that Black players would do better with Black coaches and that “we” hate for a non-Black to tell us to do something. Because non-Blacks don’t know where he’s from and what he’s had to live through.
And he nails it on the head with this...
Imagine if Indianapolis Colts star quarterback Payton Manning said that he and his fellow White players would be able to win more playoff games if they had a White coach?
Imagine indeed! A moon or two ago MJ worked at a "Traditionally Black College" in the non-deep South. To pick up a little extra dough she used to type up term papers for folks. One of her co-workers suggested in a paper that all non-whites were incapable of racism, in fact, only white folks could be racist.

My response? Sure, I'll believe that, as soon as you convince me that Black, Brown, Yellow and polka dotted folks are not affected by original sin. Or are issued halo's at birth.

Ultimately we need to wrap our minds around the idea that until we remove every trace of sin from people's hearts, which is impossible, we're not going to eliminate racism. What we can do is show each other some grace and pretend like we're ALL fallen sinners, which we are (for the non-believing atheist folks out there, insert whatever the hell explanation you employ to explain why folks aren't! Oh, and you're going to hell! ;).

You cannot eliminate racism any more than you can eliminate crime. That doesn't mean you have to accept it or like it, and yes we should continue to work to end it as much as we can...

Or, as much as fallen humans can.

Darnell has more good

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