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Monday, December 11, 2006

Axis Of Evil 3.0

David Tatosian

The original Axis of Evil, as defined by Mr. Bush, included the governments of Iraq, Iran and North Korea. The term refers to threats and dangers outside our borders and certainly, there is no shortage of very real threats to the United States and it’s citizens from abroad. Chief among them being the dangerously unbalanced compulsives currently marching under the banner of Islam.

At the time, I found the Axis of Evil description fitting. I still do. However, there are domestic forces that are, by accident or design, equally as dangerous and destructive to the American people and our way of life. And one of the most insidious and offensive of those forces is the arrogant racism and bigotry employed by the Black Leadership, Hispanic Leadership, and Muslim Leadership currently at work in our country.

All three groups present themselves as victims, ennobled but helpless pawns at the mercy of an oppressive, monolithic white racism bent on their destruction. At this point, white racism has become so powerful and pervasive that even hurricanes must bow to our bigotry. The idea that any and all Black -White disparities are the result of white racism, after decades of affirmative action, set asides and racial preferences, has no foundation in fact.

Saying its so doesn’t make it so.

But saying so insures the Black leadership’s control over their flock. It appears that racial divisiveness is a small price to pay for that power.

How do Black solidarity and racial politics help the country in these dangerous times?
They don't. But that doesn’t stop our politicians from funding and encouraging it.
The Hispanic leadership has managed to impose its language on American government agencies, American schools, hospitals, businesses and media.

That they did so in plain sight indicates their commitment to their racial imperatives and America’s apparent unwillingness to grasp the concept of American sovereignty. Now, having welcomed millions of Hispanic foreign nationals into the United States, the Hispanic leadership demands, and gets, de facto citizenship for their illegal alien kinsmen. How does Hispanic racial solidarity, incorporating a growing number of illegal aliens into its power base, help the country in these dangerous times?

It doesn’t.

But that doesn’t stop our politicians from funding and encouraging it. The Muslims have seen the wonders of the racial spoils game and are eager to play. Through the efforts of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Muslims have managed to impose some of Islam’s doctrines on an uncooperative nation.

CAIR’s most recent scam is the attempt to extract money from US Airways for the airline’s justifiable removal of six Muslims from a domestic flight last month. How do Muslim solidarity and the imposition of religious ritual in the public sphere help the country in these dangerous times?

They don’t.

But that doesn’t stop our politicians from bowing and scraping before the Mohammedans. Thereby proving, once again, that American politicians can be had by everyone in the world except the majority of American citizens who put them where they are. The United States, as a result of its commitment to individual excellence and the resulting expertise in technology, industry and medicine, has given the world more than any other nation on earth.

The United States has given more humanitarian aid to international organizations and third world nations (whose leaders pocket the money while their citizens eat dirt) than any other nation on earth. Surely a nation such as ours, home to a good and generous people, has the right to exist on its own terms?

Zimbabwe and Sudan have that right. Mexico has that right. Yemen has that right. Why not us? It is undeniable that the ethnic, racial, religious and cultural elements that produced this society’s greatness are worth preserving. It is also undeniable that our nation need not hang our collective heads as a result of the animosity of ethnic and racial sectarians within our borders. Particularly since those sectarians disregard the American people and the constitution by committing themselves to obtaining more political power based on skin color and ethnicity.

The aforementioned groups warn of a resurgence of white racism, pointing to the passage of ballots and initiatives nationwide that have called for an end to preferential treatment based on race, ethnicity and illegal alien status. They call American citizens demanding adherence to the Constitution of the United States a resurgence of racism. By so claiming, these groups once again display their inability to see a nation and a people beyond their own ethnic and sectarian loyalties.

What’s needed here is a new unity government committed to the US Constitution and the American people.

Right now, there are dozens of American communities trying to save themselves from the immoral imposition of a foreign culture on their own soil. What we need are those third parties to get to these communities, help them in their fight and organize and connect them to one another nationally.

Those Americans need assistance. They, more than most, know first hand how morally bankrupt our national government has become. We need a national movement or party with a keen interest in returning this government to its rightful owners.

We need votes on a national level that can sledgehammer the corrupt and self-serving foundations upon which our present batch of politicians nest.

I don’t say we win. Right away.

But I do say we can make them lose. I do say we can stop them from doing us more harm.
What’s needed here is a new unity government peopled by Americans.

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