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Sunday, December 10, 2006

“He came to really the wrong place,”

HAMILTON [ Ohio]- An illegal immigrant with guts - but maybe not smarts - unwittingly launched the investigation that produced Ohio’s largest-ever fake-ID bust, Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones said Friday.

Gregorio Cruz presented a doctored-up ID card to the sheriff’s office, which is known for its anti-illegals stance.

“He came to really the wrong place,” Jones said.
I'm guessing Senor Cruz isn't a member of Mensa?
Cruz had to walk past the jail’s “illegal immigrants here” sign when he visited the sheriff’s headquarters Nov. 28 to ask officials to run a criminal background check on him. A native of Mexico, Cruz wanted to be able to show a clean criminal record to a prospective employer.

But an alert clerk noticed something odd about Cruz’s ID card. Those concerns led to an investigation.

The results: Cruz, 31, of Hamilton, and two other Hamilton men are in the county jail on felony charges as officials continue sorting through boxes of evidence - including more than 4,000 blank plastic cards - that could lead to more arrests.
This is the not funny part...
The local fake-ID operation “may have tentacles everywhere,” Jones said. Investigators were trying to figure out how long it had been active.

Jones said the bust highlights national security problems that make the U.S. vulnerable to terrorists and criminals. Some of the bogus IDs were of such high quality that police officers, airline ticketing agents and others likely would be duped, Jones said.

“It’s totally out of control, and we’d better get a grip on it,” he said.

Jones said society pays many costs for tolerating illegal immigration.

“This investigation isn’t free,” Jones said. “It’s costing us all - the jails, the courts, the hospitals, the schools.”
Let's not forget that it was a helpful gentleman just like this who assisted the 9-11 conspirators in obtaining false ID. And I'm certain they'll be just as helpful the next time around.

H/T Dusty Inman

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