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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Water war brewing along Mexican border

Source: yahoonews
SAN FRANCISCO - Bush administration lawyers are urging a federal appeals court to allow a section of a canal separating California and Mexico to be lined with cement to stop millions of gallons of water from seeping south of the border each year.

The lining is proposed along a portion of the 82-mile All-American Canal that delivers Colorado River water to crop land on both sides of the border about 100 miles east of San Diego.

The U.S. government says Mexico already gets 489 billion gallons of Colorado River water legitimately each year under a 1944 treaty and isn't entitled to the seepage, which provides a farming lifeline in Mexico.
And yada, yada, yada I had the bisque. Here's what caught my eye and caused and involuntary guffaw...
Critics of the project say migrants might die crossing a lined canal because concrete will deprive desperate swimmers of tall grasses to grab. While the canal appears calm, migrants who cram onto inflatable rafts could be swept away by a fierce undercurrent.
Um, guys, yeah you guys, the ones with the shiny pinstriped helmets? Yeah, here's the thing, it's illegal to cross our border so perhaps this might serve as a disincentive.

I love these arguments that seem to spring from the wildly outlandish notion that a person has the 'right' to cross our border illegally. Is this the argument that will be trotted out against the fence? That it might injure the hard working busboys, gardeners and rapists keen to gain entry into this country?

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