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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


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Porno for Your Birthday?

Tell me what would the perfect birthday present for a young boy be? Some porn maybe? How about a whole PSP memory stick full of filthy, disgusting porn? Would that be an appropriate birthday present? I guess it would be if we were talking about Larry Flint's son.

This is not the case, but the young boy in question is a regular pre-teen from Forth Worth Texas. As he had his birthday coming up, his mother decided to get him something really “cool” to show off to his buddies. Sandra Hemm, the mother in question got her son a Sony

PSP and, of course, a memory card to go with it.

So far, so good, but she made the horrible mistake of buying a refurbished PSP memory card from a GameStop store. She gave the present to her son, who was surprised to find some pornographic material stored on the memory card, according to

She said she made the discovery when John, her son, turned on the PSP. Maybe if the boy were all alone when he turned the PSP on, she would not have found out (I would put my entire paycheck on this).

Nevertheless, this is not the case here.

Sandra Hemm said that she was appalled by her son’s discovery and that her stomach turned. Ok, Ok, but how did the boy feel? “Happy in pants?”
Didn't diligent parents once upon a time provide their male progeny with a prostitute for their sexual edumacation? This is a sad step down I must say.


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