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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our Good Friend?

Source: Mercury News

Gay man gets US asylum after claiming persecution in Mexico

LOS ANGELES - A Los Angeles immigration judge who previously denied a gay man's 2004 asylum bid on the grounds that the man simply could conceal his sexual orientation if he returned to his native Mexico reversed the decision Tuesday. In allowing Jorge Sota Vega to remain in the United States, Judge John D. Taylor said that gays should not be required to dress or act a certain way to avoid persecution and that Vega's lawyers proved he would be at risk if he were deported to Mexico. Vega, 38, who lived in Tuxpan and Guadalajara before he fled to the United States, said he was beaten by police and told by authorities in Mexico he would be killed. His case attracted attention from national gay rights groups after Taylor denied his application, saying that even though there was evidence suggesting Vega had faced harassment, he could live safely in Mexico because he did not look gay and could hide the fact that he was.

But wait! I thought Mexico was a charming wonderland filled with ancient delights and sugar filled ponies, mmmm, ponies, so delicious!

You want a tolerant society? Then stop importing the intolerant you idiots! (I speak to leftist liberals, of course, who don't actually want tolerance. They want to use "tolerance" as a club to achieve power so they can decide what "tolerance" is. And I assure you conservatives have no place in their new world order.)

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